Star Wars Yaoi

star wars yaoi
The characters from Star Wars have appeared in a whole lot of cartoon porn scenes – but it’s for the very first time that I’m seeing them in gay anime! Is there any need to say that I love it? 🙂 Mmm, so what do we have here? Unfortunately, it looks like the good guys are having a bad day today as each and every of them is getting ass-fucked by some horny evil monster or alien! Oh well, maybe my decision to use the word “unfortunately” was a little bit too hasty – depends on what side of Power you prefer, baby! 🙂 Alright, so what you are going to see here is a bunch of tight good good assholes getting stretched into gaping by a bunch of bad bad cocks! Damn, this is something you’d better not miss, lover!

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Death Note yaoi hentai

death note yaoi
Death Note is one of those rare anime toon series that feature simply blameless characters – the boys over whom I lost my sleep so many times while watching it. They look so sexy even when they are dressed in the original version of the animated movie – and the way they look on the gay anime artworks we want to present to your attention tonight is simply mind-blowing! Of course, most of the pics supplied here feature Light Yagami and his gorgeous dark-haired friend L – even though some of them show other guys too. Anyway, as I’m even more than just in love with the main protagonist of this toon (oh my, he’s such a cutie!!!), I was so glad to see him here – see him getting his yummy tight ass packed with hard man meat! Besides, that artwork showing him and L jacking off handcuffed is also a real stunner!

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FLCL yaoi

flcl yaoi
FLCL yaoi series prepares a little surprise for you, my dear admirers of hardcore gay hentai! Haruko Haruhara who is one of very few girls in this cartoon, turns out to be a ladyboy! Damn, here goes something that will bring a lot of admirers of futunari along with those guys who love simple yaoi to this gallery, right? 🙂 Yes, Haruko has got a huge cock hidden underneath her skin-tight clothes – and she just can’t wait to use it in order to deliver ultimate gay sex pleasure to such guys as Gaku, Masashi and many others! Besides, the boys themselves are anything but straight – as you can see here, they use every single chance to fuck each other senseless! Move right on and watch them explore the tight depths of each other’s chocolate flowers!

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Hellsing yaoi

hellsing yaoi
Frankly speaking, I have to admit that I have always been a little bit scared of the gloomy atmosphere of Hellsing cartoon series – but the gay anime artworks exposed in this gallery really changed my mind! Every time I watch Hellsing now I can’t help getting horny as I keep on remembering all the dirty things its heroes were doing to each other! Merciless Alucard stretching the tight asses of his male victims with his huge vampire cock… Iscariot warrior Alexander Anderson taking a deep one in the asshole… All this stuff along with other gay toons from this gallery simply make the process of watching Hellsing similar to the process of enjoying a good hardcore gay porn movie for me! 🙂 Boy, these naughty vampires are so irresistible!

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Neon Genesis Evangelion yaoi

neon genesis evangelion porn
Hi again, guys! Tonight I’m here to let you take a look at one of my favorite famous toon twinks whose boyish looks, thin frame and little ass usually mercilessly concealed under baggy pants just drive me crazy! This adorable seducer is Shinji Ikari – a lovely teenage schoolboy who looks so sweet and so innocent. Oh well… After enjoying the gay anime artworks available in this gallery you will hardly be able to call this boy an innocent one again! 🙂 Shinji has got a lot of good friends – and it looks like here he will be getting it on with all of them one by one! Plus, some of the boys will be doing fine without his participation as well! 🙂 So, if hardcore drawn twink porn is what you like most, don’t hesitate to enjoy this gallery!

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Yaoi Samurai X

gay samurai x
Samurai X is definitely another must-see for all the people in love with little Asian boys – its sexy stars are depicted so well here! This toon describes the adventures of quite a lot of hot boys – and I have to admit that Himura Kenshin is far not the hottest of them even though he’s so yummy! Well, most of these hot boys will be exposed to you here on these gay cartoons – they will be wearing absolutely no clothes, they will have big meaty dicks in their mouths and tight assholes and they will be getting showered with fresh steamy cum every now and then! Oh yeah, I love these naughty samurais – and I hope that you will love them at least as much as I do. What do you think, if they were to handle your spear, would they manage it?

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Porn Lord of the rings

lord of the rings porn
Say, who is your favorite hottie from The Lord of the Rings? Is it little twink Frodo? Or maybe you prefer taller and hunkier men like Legolas or Aragorn? Hope that you don’t like old bearded bears like Gimli cause, unfortunately, he’s the only one who is not present in this dirty gay hentai porn gallery! Yeah, you got it all right, baby – what we’ve got to show you this time is the yaoi interpretation of the legendary Lord of the Rings! Horny studs from the Middle Earth are here to show you how much they love having unleashed gay sex with each other and… Well, the bravest of them will even offer his tight asshole to a merciless orc! 😉 Boy, this stuff is so exciting!

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Berserk gay hentai

berserk hentai
The big brutal guys from Berserk toon series will have to cool down a little bit in this portion of gay anime pics – there will be no more fighting, no more blood and violence… Only pure man-on-man love! As you might have already understood, the main characters in the yaoi interpretation of this toon are Guts and Griffith – the horny warriors sticking their meaty spears into every male ass that happens to be within their reach by some lucky coincidence! You will be able to see them getting it on with a whole lot of different studs from Berserk – and with each other, of course! Are you ready to watch Griffith saddle the strong love club of Guts and ride it like crazy? Then simply go ahead and do it here!

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